What should I do if Guardio blocks a website?

Guardio scans each website you visit to identify and block those with malicious content. There can be several reasons why Guardio might block access to a website including (but not limited to):

- Phishing Attempts - The website  is an unauthorized clone of a legitimate website designed to steal your personal information or prompt you to perform an action, like downloading software, which may compromise your computer or privacy.
- Scam Websites - The website represents a non-existent company.
- Fake News - The website uses click bait-style headlines or advertisements to spread misinformation and gain ad revenue.

Browsing websites identified as containing malicious content will increase your risk of becoming victim to a scam or identity theft.

Do you think you've encountered a wrongful block?

If you believe you've encountered a wrongful block:

  1. select "Learn More" on the block page 
  2. Then select "report a detection problem" to alert our engineers to review the website. 

To Bypass A Block

Guardio does not recommend that you access any website that has been identified as harmful as this increases your risk of becoming victim to a scam or identity theft. If you choose to continue anyway, or are certain that the website was mistakenly blocked, after reporting the detection problem, you can bypass the block by selecting "If you are aware of the risks and would like to continue anyways, click here." shown at the bottom of the block page or you can choose to add the website to your white list to prevent Guardio from blocking the website for you in the future. To do this:

  1. Open your dashboard and visit your device page.
  2. Open your website activity options by selecting the 3 horizontal dots shown in the upper right corner of the section
  3. Enter the website URL for any website that you do not want Guardio to block in the future.

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