How can I install Guardio on additional devices?

Your Guardio membership covers up to 5 devices at no additional cost. Please follow the instructions below to add Guardio to your additional devices.

To Install Guardio on additional devices not linked to your Google account:

  1. Visit the Guardio listing in the Chrome web store and press "Add to Chrome"
  2. After Guardio is installed, log in to your account from the new computer by visiting our Members Login page.
    1. Enter the email address you provided when activating your Guardio coverage and check your inbox for a mail from Guardio that contains a PIN code.
    2. Insert the PIN code on the login page and that's it! Guardio is installed!

To Install Guardio to additional devices linked to your Google account:

If you've already activated your Guardio coverage on another device, Guardio automatically syncs and installs itself on any desktop Chrome browser where you are logged into your Google Account. To sign in or sync your Google account on your Chrome browser, select the person icon shown in the upper right corner of your browser to do so. This will provide you with the following options:




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