How can I stop popups and notifications from showing?

 Guardio offers popup protection, however, in order to activate this feature, Chrome requires that you grant additional browser permissions. To allow Guardio to manage your popups

  1. Visit your Personal Dashboard
  2. Next to Popup Protection, select "Fix"
  3. mceclip1.png
  4. In the dialogue box that appears, select "Allow"
  5. If your popup protection is already active and you're continuing to receive popups, go to your personal dashboard.
  6. On the right, you will see "still got a virus"
  7. Click on 'Let Us Know' and a window will open for you. 
  8. Click first on 'Perform Cleanup'. This will deep clean your computer.
  9. If you still having popups afterward, click again on 'Let Us Know' and this time, choose 'Report an Issue'. Try to give us as much information as you can, such as site names, behavior, etc.

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