How can I add family members to my Guardio protection plan?

Keep your family protected with Guardio in 3 simple steps.

With Guardio, you can share your protection with up to 4 family members at no additional cost. This is in addition to the protection you can add to 5 computers of your own.

Added family members receive the same live browser protection an data breach monitoring you enjoy, but without access to your payment information and account settings.

To invite a family member to benefit from Guardio's protection at no additional cost:

  1. Visit your Account Settings Page.
  2. Select Family Plan
  3. Here you have 2 options:
    • Enter your family member's email address and select invite. This sends an email containing a special link and instructions they can use to complete their setup.
    • Copy the provided link and send it to your family member. When they visit the link, we'll guide them through the setup.

Family member didn't receive their invite?

If you sent the invitation by email, they may be able to locate the email in their inbox by searching for If they still don't see it, you can resend the invitation. To do this:

  1. Visit your Account Settings Page.
  2. Select Family Plan
  3. Press the resend button to the right of the email address


If they still don't get the email, you can also provide a direct link. The link to connect with your account will appear on that same page below the option to add a new family member. It'll be labeled as "Copy the link below and invite family members to join your account."​

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