Guardio VS other Antivirus

Nowadays, most online threats are found within the web browser: harmful sites asking us to download malicious apps, extensions asking for our data and history, scams, and more. 

Most of us know at least 2-3 people who have been scammed, hacked, asked for ransom, or had fraudulent charges on their financial accounts.

This is why we created Guardio.

What is Guardio?

Guardio is a Chrome browser extension that scans each of the sites you visit and extensions you add to make sure they're safe. When a threats is found, whether it's scamming activity, fraud, privacy concerns, or any other threat, we'll block the page and let you know. We'll also warn you if you attempt to access a site that hasn't been around long enough to build trust on the web so that you know to be cautious. In addition to that live protection as you browse the web, Guardio also monitors your online accounts for signs that they were involved in a data breach. When that happens, we'll alert you immediately so you can take action to protect your other accounts.

Here is a full list of the features that you can expect Guardio to provide:

  1. STOP ANNOYING POP-UPS: Without realizing it, you can agree to receive popups, for life. These aren’t just regular ads trying to sell, they’re intrusive and can be harmful. Tracing them back to the source is nearly impossible. Then, even if you’ve blocked one source, they are usually connected to a chain of other sites that will bombard you. Guardio tracks the connections and can block them all, giving you pop up free life!
  2. PROTECTION FROM PHISHING AND SCAMS: Clicking on pop-ups and unfamiliar links can lead to sites that cause serious damage. This includes phishing links in your email, social media scams, and more. Instead of taking a chance, Guardio blocks any site with malicious content that could harm your computer.
  3. BLOCKING MALICIOUS BROWSER EXTENSIONS: Clicking Approve, Next, or Accept is part of our daily routine. Guardio reads the fine print and makes sure you don’t install the malware in disguise - but also removes it immediately if you have.
  4. BLOCKING SUSPICIOUS & MALICIOUS SITES: Hackers post and remove sites at the speed of light. When a site is only a few days old, even if it looks like it’s been around for ages, it could indicate that something suspicious is going on. When this happens Guardio alerts you to be extra careful with your information on this site.
  5. DATA LEAK MONITORING: You can monitor 5 emails to know when there is a breach involving your info and to take action immediately.

On top of this - You can add your protection to up to 5 devices of your own and allow up to 4 family members to protect their devices - all from one account.

Guardio VS another antivirus?

We block threats within your browser BEFORE they reach your computer and have the opportunity to cause (sometimes irreparable) damage.

Traditional antivirus software kicks in AFTER malicious code is downloaded to your computer, allowing threats like malware and viruses to cause (sometimes irreparable) damage, then they attempt to remove the threat.

With Guardio blocking threats within your browser, you're likely to find that you no longer need traditional antivirus solutions at all.




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