Unwanted Popups-Why & How to remove?

Popups can be highly frustrating. 

Guardio uses advanced technology that traces and blocks away popups connected or that lead to malicious websites, all to keep you protected.

However, Guardio doesn't block pop-ups that come from legitimate sites or harmless advertisements. These can show up after allowing a website to send you notifications, often this done and forgotten about or done without notice. 


We don’t blame you for clicking on the ‘allow’ button, as most of us click on the ‘allow’ buttons too fast nowadays.

But if you had enough of these popups, here is how you can block them away:

  1. Click on the ‘lock’ icon.
  2. A window will open. Choose ‘Site settings.’


    3. Now, you can choose which sites you are allowing send you popup notifications, and which you have blocked.


We hope this helps!

And of course, if there is anything else we can help you with, Guardio Support team is always here for you🙏.

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