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Everything you need to know about using Guardio:

FAQ: I think Guardio caused a problem on my device - what should I do? 

First, we want to let you know that we are sorry you have computer issues! We'll do anything we can to help. 

Please know that Guardio does not take action when it comes to legitimate & non-malicious websites or apps. If you experience difficulty with Google, Facebook, Zoom, Hangouts, these are all legitimate & non-malicious and Guardio will never stop you from accessing those. 

That said, if you aren't sure where to start tracking down the source of the problem, feel free to contact our support team at and we can help you troubleshoot or help you find the source of the problem. 🙏

FAQ: How can I reactivate a browser extension that Guardio blocked as malicious?

When an extension is deemed to be harmful, Guardio will disable it to keep you safe. If you feel that Guardio disabled an extension that was not harmful, visit chrome://extensions to reactivate it. We also recommend contacting so that we can investigate the extension further as we never want to block extensions that are not harmful. 

FAQ: What can I do if my computer is running slowly?

A slow computer is very frustrating. As Guardio is a lightweight Chrome extension, it doesn't contribute to slowness, but it can help to speed up your computer by disabling malicious extensions the may contribute to slowness. 

There can be any number of other things causing things to run slowly from stalled processes on your computer, hardware problems, background programs, or too much resource usage. Here are some next steps that you can take to get to the bottom of any lingering slowness:

  1. Open up your Task Manager (right click on your taskbar then choose Task Manager from the list of options) and see if any programs running on your computer are using up a lot of your resources. If you see any there, click on it and choose "end task".

  2. While your task manager is open, click over to the Startup tab and disable anything that you don't need to have loaded and ready the moment you turn on your computer.

  3. Pause OneDrive syncing. This is something even Microsoft admits can slow down your computer. Pause OneDrive by clicking on the OneDrive icon in the notification tray, select More and then Pause syncing.

  4. Close running apps when you're done and make sure they're not running in the notification tray (next to the volume and Wi-Fi indicators). When you close some apps, they keep running in the background which can contribute to slowness.

FAQ: Can Guardio help me with problems on my social media accounts or email?

Guardio is a Chrome extension that protects your browser from any malicious websites or extensions. We don’t interfere with legitimate apps or websites, like social media or your email. We recommend that you contact the support team for the service that you're experiencing difficulty using as they're experts on any problems you may encounter with their programs.

FAQ: What does Guardio cost?

Guardio offers both annual and monthly subscription plans. 

We recommend the annual billing plan because it offers you the best value, but if that isn't an option for you, monthly is available as well. To see our plans, click here.

FAQ: Where can I find the Guardio icon?

As Guardio is a Chrome extension, you can find it along with other extensions you have added to your Chrome browser. It won't appear as an icon on your desktop. For help locating the icon in your browser or pinning it to your taskbar, please follow these instructions.


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