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In today's world, it doesn't matter whether you're browsing on a computer with Windows, Mac, Linux, or on a Chromebook. Online threats affect everyone. Given how costly it can be to undo the damage caused by them, it's more important than ever to make sure that you're using some form of protection regardless of the type of computer you're using. 

Guardio protects Chrome, Edge, and Chromium-based browsers on desktop and laptop computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Additionally, we offer the option to add your protection to up to 5 computers of your own, to invite up to 5 family members to join your plan, and cover five computers of their own - all at no additional cost

Learn how to:

  1. Install Guardio on Chrome
  2. Install Guardio on Edge
  3. Reinstall Guardio or add additional devices

Note: Chrome for mobile doesn't yet support browser extensions, so Guardio's protection doesn't extend to devices other than your computer. Our team is working tirelessly to develop all-around cybersecurity solutions in response to the growing demand. When these new features become available, every Guardio user will be informed.

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