Install Guardio on Your Chromebook

Chromebooks are among the most secure computers without question. Still, Chromebooks remain vulnerable to many threats, including:

  1. Malicious browser extensions.
  2. Scams.
  3. Phishing.
  4. Dangerous websites.

Protecting your Chromebook with Guardio will add an extra layer of security.

How to add Guardio to your Chromebook?

  1. Follow this link to install Guardio on Chrome.

  2. Click on Add to Chrome and then "Add extension" (confirm that you want to add the extension)
  3. Congratulations! You have successfully installed Guardio!


Now, you can create your account!

  1. Please enter your Email Address. You will need to verify it, so make sure it's valid and entered correctly.

    How to remove search redirects from Chrome - 02

2. Begin your first security checkup!


3. To complete your signup, verify your email. 

  • Go to your email inbox and open the email entitled Can you please verify your email address for Guardio?
  • Select "Verify Email," and that's it! Welcome to Guardio!



Additional Information

  • To remove threats and protect your browser in Real-time, you'll need to start your free trial. For more information, please click here.
  • After installing Guardio on Chrome, you can pin Guardio to your toolbar for easy access.
  • Want to know how to install Guardio on additional devices? Click here.
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