How do I know if my personal data was leaked?

For Premium customers:

As a Premium customer, you’ll get real-time alerts any time Guardio finds your personal data leaked in a data breach. You’ll receive an email explaining the leak, and if you have the mobile app, you’ll also get an alert on your phone the moment a data leak is detected. 

To see all the data leaks Guardio has found, you can head to the identity tab of your Dashboard or mobile app.


Under your monitoring list, you can see all the sources you’ve added (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.). Click on each source to see all of the data leaks linked to that specific source.  When you select a specific data leak, you’ll see guidance on what you can do to prevent identity theft and fraud. 

For Free customers: 

As a Free customer, you can find out if your data has been leaked by running a manual security scan from your Dashboard. The option to do so is available here: 



This scan will check for several security issues. You’ll know your personal data was leaked if your scan shows any results for information leaks.

You can also check for data leaks by running a security scan on and clicking “Check Yourself Now”.


Do you have a data leak? Check out this article for guidance on how to prevent identity theft and fraud. 

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