Add Emails for Identity Monitoring

What's a data breach?

Data breaches can happen to any website or company. Even if you don't use a certain website anymore, it's important to know when a breach occurs that could affect you. Guardio notifies you in real-time about breaches containing your information for up to 5 emails. 

When Guardio identifies a breach that impacts you, we'll alert you by email and on your Information Leak Alerts page so that you can take action to secure the account and avoid identity theft. 

How to add additional email addresses?

  1. Open your Information Leak Alerts page.
  2. Select Add Email & enter the email address you would like to add.
  3. In another tab, open your email inbox and look for the verification email.
  4. Click the button or the link provided


What should you do if you discover a breach?

  1. Change your password for the breached account.
  2. Change your password for any website where you used the same or a similar password
  3. Check other accounts for signs of unauthorized access
  4. Accept the breached company's offer to help





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