Harmful Site Blocks

As soon as Guardio is installed, it will safeguard your browsing experience, and you will not even notice it is protecting you.

Guardio will stop you from accessing a website if it is suspected of hosting scams, malware, or links to malicious applications. Our blacklist prevents your personal information from being hacked.

Each block page tells you the reason the website or the redirection was blocked, in addition to the web address that caused the block. If you encounter block pages, we strongly suggest that you do not continue.

If you trust the website and want to go there anyway, click “If you are aware of the risks and would like to continue anyway, click here” to bypass the block. There is also the option to add the website to your whitelist on your personal dashboard here: https://app.guard.io/browsing

In order to maintain the highest level of accuracy, we constantly research and improve our protection, so if you find a website that you think shouldn't be blocked, please report it to us using the "Report security issue" feature on your dashboard.

Note: To block out harmful, phishing, and scam sites you need to advance to Guardio's full protection.




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