Harmful Extensions Explained

Extensions are a great way to expand the functionality of your browser - Guardio is a great example! However, some Chrome extensions can cause way more harm than good. Harmful extensions usually appear on your device because you were tricked into installing them. You probably clicked an innocent-looking button on a website or gave permission for something that wasn’t what it said it was.

These extensions are designed to seem legitimate and useful, but they can cause all kinds of havoc and damage. These extensions do several different things, including:

  • Can collect and pass on your data (e.g capturing passwords)
  • Track your browsing history
  • Insert their own advertisements on websites you visit
  • Hijack your web browser so that you can only go to sites and search engines that will try and scam you
  • Infect your computer with adware or other forms of malware

How to recognize a dangerous extension:

  1. Check out the reviews (very few reviews with a lot of users are usually suspicious). 
  2. You can also access the extension website. If it's empty or looks unprofessional, it can be a red flag.  



How does Guardio prevent harmful extensions? 

Keeping up with dangerous Chrome extensions can be a real challenge. The good news is, Guardio's premium protection warns you before you accidentally install an extension designed to harm your device. 

Guardio automatically detects and removes malicious extensions that jeopardize your personal information, install adware, or alter your browser settings.



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