How to sign up for a free trial

We're thrilled to offer you a free trial for 7 days with Guardio.

Guardio for Business offers full browsing and identity protection for your business and employees. It keeps you and your team safe from online threats like phishing, ransomware, data leaks, and identity theft and will let you know about dangerous websites before they hurt you.

And since we know how complex some of these things are, we’ve made it easy to set up. How easy? One-click to invite all your team members and keep your business safe.


What does the free trial include?

  • Secure your team right away with immediate threat removal
  • Identity and domain leaks monitoring
  • Harmful site block
  • Unwanted notifications block
  • Malicious extension detection and removal
  • 24/7 Customer Support. Whenever you need help, our global team is available and looks forward to assisting you with personal and friendly support.

How do I set it up?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Try For Free
  3. Sign up with your email address and click Continue
  4. Fill in the relevant information (password, first and last name) and click on Start Your Free Trial
  5. Then, tell us a little about where your work (company's name, number of employees, industry, etc.) and click Continue
  6. Set up your subscription by choosing a billing cycle option (monthly or yearly).
  7. Select the number of seats (team size) and click on Continue.

Note: you can invite members during your trial and after. You can begin with a selected number of seats and change them as your business grows or changes.

  1. Add your payment details (currently, we offer the option to sign up with a credit card). During your 14-day free trial, you won't be charged a dime. There are no commitments and you can cancel online anytime from your dashboard.
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