Guardio for Business

Every business that uses the internet is vulnerable, and every team member's browser can be a target to access valuable information.

Online threats are varied and they don't discriminate organizations from individuals when looking for a target, and they represent a real risk to your business and your company data. By securing each member's device, your team can work from anywhere and maintain a secure environment.

Guardio for Business lets you know immediately when you're about to open a dangerous website or download something that will harm your security, computer, and company.

Whether you're a small team or an enterprise, the installation takes only a few steps and there's no prior knowledge of cybersecurity or IT needed. In other words, your team and your business will be secure right away.

Easy setup

Important: This section is for the account owner.

  1. Use our registration form to create your account and follow the on-screen instructions to start your free trial. 
  2. Add Guardio to your browser
  3. Deploy Guardio for your team in just 20 seconds.

The pricing is per seat and your subscription cost is based only on the number of seats required for team members. You can choose between a monthly or a yearly subscription. Click here to learn more.


Important: Billing information is only visible to the team admin.

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