How does Guardio alert me about dangerous downloads?

Guardio automatically blocks downloads (files) that may harm your security and damage your computer. If you attempt to download a dangerous download, we will block it immediately and you'll receive an alert from us saying that the file contains a virus. Based on your browser, you'll see the alert differently. 

  • Chrome user: You will see the alert at the bottom left side.
  • Edge user: You will see the alert on the upper left side.


While we do not recommend allowing malicious files that were flagged, you will always have the option to do so.

On the alert itself, click Allow this file.


Why and how Guardio blocks dangerous files

To protect your device and your information, Guardio prevents you from downloading dangerous files. 

  • Advanced heuristics: based on large-scale data gathered by Guardio's sensors, Guardio deduces relationships between seemingly unrelated files.
  • Malware: malicious software designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer.
  • Dynamic fingerprinting: rules that evolve over time to block malicious websites that host malicious files.
  • Hash calculation: we calculate a unique signature for each file (so even if the scammer changes the file names we know that it's still the same malicious file). 

If you find a file that you think shouldn't be blocked, let us know by sending us a report via your dashboard


If you're using Guardio for free, we will alert you if the file contains a virus but we won't block it. 


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