Why does Guardio alert me about dangerous sites I never visited?

Guardio’s browser protection works to keep you safe in several different ways. The main way this security feature works is by blocking malicious websites you click on or try to visit. However, there are also other types of threats that mobile browsing protection stops.

Apps working in the background

Most apps that you use on a regular basis run programs in the background of your device and collaborate with different websites without you even noticing. It’s usually harmless - for example, an app could use this capability to check for updates or pinpoint your location. In other cases, an app on your phone could be communicating with malicious sites. That’s where Guardio steps in.

Guardio alerts you anytime your iOS device is exposed to this kind of malicious activity, even if it happens in the middle of the night or when your phone isn’t even being used. 

Encountering a dangerous link

Guardio will also send an alert when you encounter an ad or post containing a malicious link. For example, if a dangerous ad shows up on your Instagram feed, Guardio will automatically detect this, block the site, and alert you so you know you just encountered a threat.

If you get an alert about a website that you don’t recognize, it doesn't necessarily mean you actively visited the site in question. However, it does mean that the site posed a threat to your online security. We highly recommend you not to visit any site on your list of blocked websites. If you have any questions about a website Guardio blocked, or if you’d like any further information, feel free to contact our support team.

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