How is Guardio different from traditional antivirus programs?

To really understand the difference between Guardio and traditional antivirus programs, it’s important to know a bit about how each one works:

  1. Traditional antivirus programs try to deal with threats after your computer or mobile device has already been infected. Guardio blocks threats before they reach your device.
  2. Traditional antivirus solutions need to be regularly updated in order to be effective against new threats. Since Guardio is cloud-based, there’s no need to update and your protection will constantly evolve to keep up with new cyber threats. 
  3. Guardio uses Machine Learning (AI) to analyze malicious behavior, meaning that even if attackers change their techniques or websites to evade detection, they won’t be successful. Guardio’s AI is always learning about the latest techniques hackers use and can even predict what a hacker’s next move will be. Meanwhile, antivirus programs struggle to keep up with evolving threats because they often depend on static databases of known virus signatures. Their databases become outdated quickly as hackers develop new methods. 
  4. If Guardio detects bad activity for one customer - it will block this attack from all other customers. Traditional Antiviruses work on more rigid “block\unblock” lists that do not deliver this kind of real-time capability
  5. Traditional antivirus programs can slow down your computer or mobile device. Guardio, however, doesn’t use excessive resources and will never slow down your computer or mobile device. 

The biggest difference between antivirus programs and Guardio is that antivirus programs work reactively while Guardio works proactively. In other words, antivirus software can only help you after you’re already in trouble. Meanwhile, Guardio works around the clock to stop threats before you even know you’ve been affected. 

Even if you manage to clean up your device with an antivirus program, you could still be in danger because the malware or viruses you experienced were actually just a symptom of a much larger problem - data leaks. If you’ve reached the point where you need antivirus software, it’s likely that the damage has already been done and your personal information has already been compromised, putting you at risk of fraud and identity theft. 

Guardio, on the other hand, protects you and your personal data in real-time, by stopping these threats before they get a chance to steal your data and jeopardize your online security. Guardio operates on several fronts to keep you safe across your entire online world, protecting you while browsing on your computer or phone, checking your email, sending and receiving text messages, and even exploring social media.

To learn more about what Guardio does to protect you from scams, identity theft, and online threats, check out this article.

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