What does Guardio do? An overview of security features

Simply put, Guardio has three main functions:

  1. It protects you while you’re browsing online, warning you in real time about dangerous websites and downloads and keeping malware, account hijackers, malicious software, and nasty extensions away from you and your device.
  2. It keeps you safe from phishing scams. Whether you encounter these scams via email, text message, or while browsing the web, Guardio detects these threats and alerts you in real-time, making sure you stay out of trouble.
  3. Guardio helps protect your identity. It alerts you the moment your sensitive information is leaked online in a data breach and provides guidance on what you can do to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.

So how does Guardio do all that? Here’s a rundown of the tools and features that Guardio offers to keep you safe.

Guardio’s Security Features

Identity protection

Every 39 seconds, some kind of cyberattack unfolds - this means data breaches are inevitable. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ your personal data will be leaked but a matter of ‘when’, and the sooner you know about a data leak, the better your chances are of protecting yourself from financial fraud and identity theft. Once you add your email and phone number to your monitoring list, Guardio will use these data points to scan the dark web to search for your information anywhere it shouldn’t be and alert you right away. If Guardio finds a leak, you’ll get a notification telling you what information was exposed, along with guidance on how you can take action and avoid identity theft.


Browsing protection

Whether you’re browsing on your computer or your phone, Guardio’s browsing protection makes sure you never end up on a dangerous website designed by hackers to scam you, steal your money, infect your device with malware, or steal your personal data. If you ever accidentally click a dangerous link or try to visit a phishing site, Guardio will immediately block the site before it opens and explain why it’s dangerous.


Email Security

Guardio alerts you instantly about phishing emails and other scams that make it past your Gmail spam filter and into your primary inbox. This feature works on both your phone as well as your computer to keep you safe from malicious emails that pose a threat to your or your identity. You can read more about it here.


Text Message Filter

Another way Guardio protects you from phishing scams is through the Text Message Filter. We’ve all received those phony USPS texts at one point or another. With Guardio, you won’t have to worry about them because they’ll go straight to your junk folder. Once you install the app on your iOS device and turn on this feature, Guardio will automatically filter out any malicious text messages designed to scam you, steal your data, or send you to phishing sites. 


Online Account Protection

On average, 1.4 billion social media accounts are hacked every month leading to damaged reputations, financial losses, and even identity theft. Guardio offers a patented technology that secures your online accounts from hackers looking to take over your accounts and hijack your profiles through something called ‘session cookies’. You can read more about this feature and how it works here


Malicious Download Blocks

If you ever accidentally download a malicious file from the internet, you may put your security at risk and damage your computer. Guardio automatically blocks these malicious downloads, stopping viruses and malware before they even make it onto your device.


Malicious Browser Extension Neutralizing

Without even realizing it, you might have malicious extensions installed on your browser, silently stealing personal data, tracking your online behavior, spamming you with unwanted ads, or worse. Guardio puts an end to this threat by automatically detecting and neutralizing these malicious extensions and alerting you whenever an extension you’re about to install is risky.


Search Hijacker Correction

Do you find you keep getting sent to websites you didn’t mean to open? This could mean hackers have taken over your browser’s settings in an effort to steal browsing data, generate revenue through click fraud, send you to malicious phishing sites, or spread malware. In the best-case scenario, search hijacking is intrusive and annoying. In other cases, it jeopardizes your online security. Guardio disables any search hijackers to keep you safe and make sure your browser operates the way it’s supposed to.


‘Real-Time’ Protection 

All of Guardio’s security features operate in real-time. Instead of removing threats after they are detected, we block them the moment they put you at risk and prevent them from ever happening again. This is what sets us apart from other antivirus software. This is also why you don’t need to run scans or look for new threats after activating your Premium protection.

Additionally, Guardio is cloud-based, which means you’ll never have to manually update your protection or reinstall. As long as your protection is on, you’ll be able to continuously stay ahead of hackers and online threats.

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