How do I run a security scan?

Guardio Premium Protection is always running in the background. We're ensuring that no malicious threats and processes are running. Whenever you try to access a site, download a file, or open a new program, Guardio will automatically step in. This is what we're calling the "Real-time protection" or "On-demand scanning".

Guardio real-time protection

When using Guardio premium protection, there's no need to run manual scans. You just need to make sure that your real-time protection toggle is enabled. 

1. Access your Personal Dashboard

2. Make sure your Real-Time Protection is on

To learn more about how Guardio protects your browser, click here.

When you should run manual scans with Guardio

Using our free protection, you can run on-demand scanning and get a detailed report on which threats you were exposed to. Please note that the free protection doesn't remove them.

1. Access your Personal Dashboard

2. Click the Scan Now on the upper right corner of the page

3. Click Scan Now button

4. The scan only takes a few seconds, and you can see what is detected as it happens. Once the scan is complete, click Continue to view the full report.

You can click on Continue to remove the threats that Guardio found and sign up for a free trial to enable real-time protection.

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