Real-Time Protection

Real-time protection is a security feature that prevents malware from being installed on your device. It means that you are protected at any time without having to perform on-demand scans.

When you click on the wrong link, download the wrong file, or visit a malicious website, you risk infecting your browser and losing your personal information. Our Real-time protection prevents these by checking the scripts on your browser for any malicious activity. 

Our Real-time protection is like adding a virtual bodyguard to your browser. Always working away in the background to protect you, yet it never gets in the way of your browsing experience. 

Turn on Real-time protection 

When activating your premium membership, Guardio runs the initial scan and fixes all the threats that you were exposed to in the past. By default, your real-time protection is enabled. If real-time protection is off, click the toggle to turn it on. If you don't have this option, it's probably because you have partial protection (free membership). 

  1. Guardio actively protects your browsing environment and scans every site, page, and service you visit. 

  2. Guardio automatically detects and removes malicious extensions that jeopardize your personal information, install adware, or alter your browser settings.

  3. Get rid of unwanted notifications:

  4. Information Leak Alerts:

  5. Correct and prevent hijackers:

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