What is Mobile Browsing Protection?

What does mobile browsing protection do?

Mobile browsing protection keeps you safe whenever you’re using the internet from your phone or mobile device. As soon as you encounter a malicious website or dangerous link Guardio will immediately alert you with a push notification and block the site. 

How do I set up mobile browsing protection?

  1. Open the Guardio app from your mobile device (iOS or Android) and tap “Browsing Protection”
  2. Tap “Turn On Protection”
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen

Important: Mobile browser protection is only available for Premium customers. 

How does it work?

Once browsing protection is set up on your mobile device, you’ll automatically be protected from dangerous websites. If you click on a dangerous link, you’ll receive a push notification from Guardio saying that malicious activity was blocked. You may also see a message on your browser that says “server cannot be found” - that’s your browsing protection at work!

You can find all of the websites that Guardio has blocked for you on the Browsing Protection page in the app under Browsing Activity. When you tap on each Blocked website, you can see the specific URL along with the reason it was blocked. 

What do I do if Guardio blocks a site that I know is safe?

If Guardio blocked a website that you know is safe, go the the Browsing Protection page in the app and find the website you’d like to visit under Browsing Activity. From here you can tap “Continue Anyway” and Guardio will unblock the website. 

Is Guardio tracking my online activity?

Guardio does not and will never save data on your online activity. Our browsing protection feature scans any web page you visit and determines whether or not it poses a threat to you or your data. 

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