How does Guardio protect me from malicious extensions?


When you check out your Chrome Extensions page, each browser extension will be shown as on, off, or neutralized.

  • On - these are extensions that you installed on your browser that are actively running.
  • Off - these are extensions that you installed on your browser, but you've turned them off, meaning that they are not actively running.
  • Neutralized - these are extensions that you installed on your browser, but Guardio has turned them off because they pose a threat to your security. You can also see a list of extensions Guardio neutralized on your Guardio Dashboard.

Both "off" and "neutralized" indicate that the extension is not actively running within your browser. The only difference is who or what entity prevented the extension from operating. This protects you from all ill effects of malicious browser extensions as they can no longer access your browser or settings.

When you access your Chrome Extensions page, you will notice that each extension is categorized as on, off, or neutralized. Understanding these states is crucial for managing your browser extensions effectively. Extensions marked as "On" are those that you have installed and are currently active, performing their intended functions within your browser. Conversely, extensions labeled as "Off" are also installed but have been manually disabled by you, meaning they are not currently running or affecting your browsing experience. The most critical category is "Neutralized," where extensions have been deactivated by Guardio due to identified security threats they pose. Guardio takes this action to protect your browser and data from potential harm caused by malicious extensions. You can access a detailed list of these neutralized extensions on your Guardio Dashboard for further insight and control. Both "Off" and "Neutralized" statuses indicate that the extension is not operational in your browser. The key distinction lies in who took the action to prevent the extension from functioning – whether it was you or Guardio. This proactive approach safeguards your online security by preventing harmful extensions from accessing your browser or altering its settings without your knowledge.


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