Guardio Blocked a Familiar Website

A website that is familiar or well-known isn't always safe. Every day new phishing websites are created to mimic the look and feel of familiar websites and even the most well-known companies can find their websites a victim of hacking.

Why Guardio Blocks Websites

Guardio monitors websites 24/7 to ensure that they're safe. When a threat is found, Guardio blocks the offending website to keep your personal information and computer safe. 

  • Malware - Malicious software designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer.
  • Phishing - The practice of imitating a familiar company or individual to trick victims into sharing their personal information like passwords or credit card numbers with cybercriminals.
  • Malvertising - Use of false claims to lure website visitors for financial gain.
  • Scams - The use of deception to obtain personal information or money from victims.
  • Permission Abuse - websites that trick users into giving permission to perform invasive or harmful operations.

How Guardio Identifies Malicious Websites

  • Dynamic fingerprinting - rules that evolve over time that block malicious and suspicious operations
  • Advanced heuristics - based on large-scale data gathered by Guardio's sensors, Guardio is able to deduce relationships between seemingly unrelated sites.
  • Machine learning - Guardio utilizes machine learning techniques to identify malicious websites with high accuracy
  • Other - e.g. easily confusable URLs that are often used in phishing attempts (example: pɑypɑ instead of

Reporting a Website for Review

If you believe Guardio mistakenly flagged a website, you can alert our security team to review the website. To alert Guardio's security team to review a website, select "Learn More" on the block page, then select "Report a Detection Problem".

Overriding a Website Block

If you're certain a website was mistakenly flagged, you can bypass the block and continue to the blocked website. To do this, after reporting the website for review, select "If you are aware of the risks and would like to continue anyway, click here" shown at the bottom of the block page. 

Permanently Whitelisting a Blocked Website

If you visit the blocked website often, you can avoid the need to bypass the block each time by adding the website to your whitelist.

  1. Open your Personal Dashboard.
  2. Locate the blocked website in your Recent Browsing Activity list
  3. Select the 3 vertical dots to the right of the website and select "Whitelist".

Still Need Help?

If you need additional help or would like more information about a website that has been blocked, contact Guardio's Support Team.

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