Guardio Mobile App: An Overview

What is the Guardio mobile app and why do I need it?

The Guardio mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, protects against mobile security threats and keeps you up-to-date with real-time alerts. The app works together with the browser extension to ensure you’re protected whenever you’re online and wherever you’re exposed to threats. Since we use our phones for pretty much everything these days, mobile security is just as important as computer security. 

How do I get the mobile app? 

To install the Guardio app on your phone, follow the instructions here

What does the mobile app do? (mobile features) 

The Guardio mobile app offers advanced mobile security features that contribute to your overall protection. With the mobile app, you get: 

Browsing protection  

Just like how the Guardio browser extension keeps you safe on your desktop browser, the Guardio app blocks any malicious site you attempt to visit while browsing from your phone (iOS only). From the app’s home screen, tap “Browsing Protection” to view your protection status. If you’re not protected, tap “Turn On Protection” and follow the instructions on how to set up your mobile browsing protection. 



Once your browsing protection is on, Guardio will actively block any malicious website you click on and you’ll be able to view all the websites that the Guardio app has blocked. Tap on each “Blocked website” to view the name of the URL that was blocked. 

Guardio also alerts you anytime you encounter a dangerous URL. In some cases, you may receive alerts about dangerous sites don’t recognize - this is because Guardio alerts you about malicious background activity as well. You can read more about this here


Identity monitoring 

If personal data tied to your email address or your phone number is ever exposed in a data breach Guardio will send a security alert straight to your phone, so you can take action fast and avoid identity theft. From the app’s home screen, you can tap ‘Identity Monitoring’ to manage your monitoring list. The more details you provide, the more effective Guardio will be at monitoring your identity. For now, you can add up to five email addresses and a phone number. On this screen you can also view and resolve data leaks if you have any. 


Email security 

If you’ve already connected your Gmail account to Guardio and set up Email Security, you can tap the Email Security tab from the app’s home screen and view all of the emails that Guardio has flagged. If you haven’t set up Email Security yet, you can do so from this screen in the app. 

Just like the way email security works on your desktop browser, once you’ve connected your Gmail account, you’ll get an alert the moment a phishing email gets past your spam filter and lands in your inbox. You’ll also see a flag on these emails in Gmail so you’ll know to avoid opening them.

Text message filter

The text message filter allows you to automatically filter out text message scams and phishing texts. It sends them straight to your junk folder so you can check your messages without worrying about scams or malicious texts. When you tap on the “Text Message Filter” tab, you’ll see instructions on how to set up the feature. Once you’ve followed the instructions on the screen, you’re all set! Any malicious text message you receive will automatically end up in your junk folder. 


Computer Protection

If you haven’t installed Guardio on your computer browser yet, you can easily add the desktop browser extension. Tap on the “Computer Protection” tab and follow the instructions on the screen to computer protection to the same account you’re already using for the Guardio app. Just a reminder, you can use one Guardio account to protect up to 5 devices.

Protect more people 

Tap on this tab to add or remove family members from your Guardio account. Every Guardio account includes protection for up to 4 additional family members. 

Need help with something?

At the bottom of the app’s home screen, you’ll find 2 helpful resources.

  • Contact Guardio support - If you have any questions about your Guardio account or your protection features, you can use this link to reach out to Guardio’s support team. 
  • ID Theft coverage - If you’re in an urgent identity theft situation, you can reach out to the 24/7 identity theft hotline and our experts will assist. 
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