Cancelation Policy

If you no longer wish to keep your protection from Guardio, you can cancel your membership at any time. When you do this, your full protection will expire at the end of its current billing cycle or trial, and you will not be charged for future service unless you choose to reactivate your membership.

  • If you experience technical problems using Guardio or are still experiencing security problems after activating Guardio, don't hesitate to contact us.
  • If you'd prefer monthly billing instead of annual billing, update your billing frequency.
  • Please note that sending an email to Guardio support is not the same thing as canceling a membership.

To cancel your premium protection from Guardio:

  1. Open your Guardio Membership Page.
  2. Select Change in the section titled Plan.
  3. Select Turn Off


When your premium membership ends, your account will revert to free, basic protection. You can choose to keep your free protection, or you can remove the browser extension at Chrome://extensions. For more information, please see: Guardio's Refund Policy.

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