How can I cancel my Guardio subscription or trial?

We're really sorry you're leaving, but here's how to cancel your Guardio trial or subscription.

You can cancel your trial or membership at any time. When you do this, your premium protection will expire at the end of its current billing cycle or trial, and you will not be charged for future service unless you choose to reactivate your membership. 

  • If you'd prefer monthly billing instead of annual billing, update your billing frequency.
  • Please keep in mind that sending an email to Guardio support will not cancel your membership. 
  • Uninstalling Guardio's extension doesn't automatically cancel your membership -- you'll still get charged. So please, check your subscription status here and cancel via this page (see the instructions below). 

To cancel your premium protection (Trial and Subscription) from Guardio:

  1. Log into your Guardio Membership Page from any device
  2. Click on Change in the section titled Plan.
  3. Click on Turn Off to end your protection. 

Looking for a refund?

Check out this article outlining our policy: Guardio's Refund Policy

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