What is Guardio?

The simple answer is that Guardio is a browser extension that has two main functions:

1. It protects you while you’re browsing online, warning you in real time about dangerous websites and downloads and keeping malware, malicious software, and nasty extensions away from your computer. It keeps you out of trouble.

2. Guardio protects your identity. It alerts you the moment your sensitive information is leaked online in a data breach. This means you can act in time to protect your identity from being stolen.

How will I know Guardio is protecting me?

Once you install the Guardio extension on your browser, it will actively scan every site, platform, and page you visit. Anytime you’re about to run into trouble, Guardio will send you some form of alert, depending on how serious the risk is. We’ll also send you an alert whenever we find your data has been leaked online. Pin the Guardio extension to your browser, and you'll be able to see the green Guardio icon at all times and know that’s it looking out for you.

Can Guardio get rid of pop-ups?

Guardio stops pop-ups designed to scam you or that lead you to a fake site where you’ll be scammed. We shut down any malware on your browser that serves these pop-ups. However, we can’t stop legitimate pop-ups that you get from some sites and platforms. For example, you might get a pop-up asking you to subscribe to a pizza delivery place, or maybe you’ll suddenly get a car ad in the middle of watching a video online. Guardio doesn’t stop these because this is how sites make their money. It may be annoying, but it’s not actually harmful. What is the difference between Guardio and ad blockers?

There are all kinds of ad blockers available. Put simply, they’re designed to stop advertisements from popping up while you’re browsing. Ads can be annoying and intrusive and can also slow down page loading time. Some sites won’t actually let you view their content if you’re using an ad blocker because they want you to see the ads.

However, there is another side to pop-up ads that are actually quite nasty. And this is where Guardio trumps most regular ad blockers. These pop-ups are often designed to lead you to fake websites that are specifically created to cause harm by tricking you into downloading malware or phishing your data. Not only that but sometimes getting pop-up ads and notifications can be a symptom that you already have adware or some other kind of malware on your browser.

This is where using Guardio is a big advantage because Guardio tackles the malware. As soon as you install the Guardio extension on your browser, it disables any malware, including any adware that is sending you unwanted notifications and ads. Ad blockers stop legit ads, while Guardio stops the source of the ads that may be causing untold damage to your security.

Does Guardio work on mobile?

The Guardio browser extension works only on your computer browser. However, you can use Guardio’s identity protection features on your mobile, and we also now have an iOS app. We’re working on an Android version of the app too, and we’ll send our customers an update when that’s ready.

How secure is Guardio?

Guardio is what makes your browsing environment safe by making sure no threats gain access to your information. Guardio is GDPR compliant and only collects data needed to provide Guardio's service and features. Guardio's business model is customer payment only - any data we have is not for sale, or will it ever be. You can check out our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy.

Will I be able to cancel Guardio?

You can cancel your Premium subscription to Guardio at any time. During your 7-day free trial, you can cancel immediately, no strings attached. Once your trial is over, you can cancel your subscription, and your service will be active until the end of your current billing cycle.

If you have any questions about your subscription, you can always contact our support.

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