What is Guardio?

Guardio is a lightweight Chrome extension that lives in your browser and protects everything within. Guardio addresses threats that bypass traditional antivirus programs by catching advanced phishing attacks, unauthorized uses of your browser, and other threats that harm countless people daily.

How is Guardio different from traditional antivirus programs?

Traditional antivirus programs allow threats to enter your computer and then take action to try and remove the threat.

This means that the threat has the opportunity to do (sometimes irreparable) damage to your computer until it is removed. Frequent updates are required to update the database of known threats, so if you're attacked by a threat that is still very new (and malware changes quickly), the traditional antivirus program may not even detect it. 

Guardio works within your browser where most threats like identity theft, virus downloaders, scams, and more attempt to gain entry. This allows it to block threats BEFORE they reach your computer and have a chance to cause harm.

How will I know Guardio is protecting me?

Once installed, Guardio actively protects your browsing environment and scans every site, page, and service you visit. As long as you see the green icon on the top right of your browser, rest assured that Guardio keeps you safe and blocks away intrusive notifications, harmful sites, and extensions. You can visit your dashboard anytime by clicking on Guardio's icon to see what threats you're avoiding with Guardio by your side.

Can Guardio get rid of popups?

Just as different stains require different methods to remove them, it's important to understand what popups you have on your device to know how to get rid of them. There is a difference between annoying yet harmless advertisements and harmful notifications that indicate malware has infected your device. Guardio won't necessarily block out ads from sites you subscribed to that are legitimate and harmless, but will block out entirely anything coming from malware or that could lead to it.

What is the difference between Guardio and ad blockers?

Traditional ad blockers block advertisements that aren't necessarily harmful but can be distracting. Ad blockers can affect your browsing abilities because many websites that rely on advertising as their primary source of income won't let you access them with an ad blocker enabled. Guardio is an anti-malware program that removes existing malware from your device and prevents new malware infections. It does this by blocking harmful sites, extensions, and push notification providers that try to insert malware on your device. Destructive or intrusive push notifications or popups could indicate malware that traditional ad blockers don't block.

Does Guardio work on mobile?

Guardio is a Chrome extension that works only on desktop, where most activity and threats take place. In the future, we may develop a mobile solution too.

How secure is Guardio?

Guardio is what makes your browsing environment safe by making sure no threats gain access to your information. Guardio is GDPR compliant and only collects data needed to provide Guardio's service and features. Guardio's business model is customer payment only - any data we have is not for sale, or will it ever be. You can check out our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy.

Will I be able to cancel Guardio?

Yes. You can also cancel Guardio directly from your dashboard. We don't recommend browsing without any protection, but we understand if it's not right for you at this time. We have a 30-day refund policy, and if you cancel during your free trial, you will not be billed a dime.






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